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Golden Funk Special
Appears on and after August 31st, 2002
Fascinated with Funky Disco Music

 Golden Funk Special  are
                   Wabe"LYNN"  ・・・・・ Vocals
                   Yukko"SHEILA"  ・・・ Vocals
                   Haya"Four Hands"  ・・ Keyboards
                   Toku"109"  ・・・・・・・・ Guitar
                   Saku"39"  ・・・・・・ Bass
                   Tam"106"  ・・・・・・ Drums
                   Muto  ・・・・・・・・ Vocals(Guest)

Previous Live
Date & Place
Songs Played
Studio Wuu (Kashiwa)
Le Freak
I Believe In Miracles
A Night To Remember
Play That Funky Music
Love Revolution 21

I Believe In Miracles